The Veteran Behind The Operations


I transitioned out of the U.S. Army in 2016. Immediately after transitioning out of the Army, I held several business-unit level manager positions in Corporate America.


Then I got a taste of the startup world and fell in love with the dynamics and “make it happen” mentality. To tell you the truth, it was like being in the Army all over again. The small teams, building something, and the continuous problems-to-solve gave me a new sense of purpose. Something that I’ve been missing since I got out of the Army.


I started TrailBlazer6 so I can help startup companies build their vision, and become part of their journey.


The name TrailBlazer6 represents my two favorite jobs while in the Army. “TrailBlazer” is referred to someone performing duties of a Drill Sergeant, and the number “6” is a U.S. Army Commander’s call sign.



Revenue Architecture Certified | 35x HubSpot Certified | 2x Business Owner | Microsoft Certified Professional | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt | Instructor Certified


Industry Experience:

VP Operations Biotech Startup

Head of Revenue Operations SaaS Company

Startup Mentor for StartUpNV


~Orlando, Founder, Principal Consultant

2015 Military Ball

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