The TrailBlazer6 Team

Our vision is to keep the team small, and to provide the absolute best value to a select-few clients. Many of our clients are Seed-funded or A-funded startups that are looking to take their sales and marketing operations to the next level.

While there are plenty of options out there, we pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy, and results-oriented.

Orlando P. Gonzalez, Founder

Orlando is a 22-year, retired U.S. Army Captain, a former construction business owner, an incubator startup participant, and a 4x former Corporate America business unit manager. After 22-years of moving around in the military, and 4-years in Corporate America chasing that next promotion, Orlando and his wife (high school sweethearts) have decided to settle down in the Reno-Tahoe-Truckee area. Originally from Southern California, Orlando enjoys the great outdoors, and volunteers – via Northern Nevada SCORE – helping budding entrepreneurs build their startups.

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Tad is a 20-year, retired U.S. Army Captain, speaks three different languages, holds an MBA, and is currently attending school for a Computer Science degree. He has 5 kids, and resides in Southern California.

After spending the last 20-years in the Army, Tad plans on spending more time with his family and laying roots in Southern California. He considers himself a lifelong learner – and enjoys running, hiking, and the occasional Netflix binge-watching.


Orlando is a leader that gets results. I worked closely with Orlando while he was a Company Commander serving in the only Combat Sustainment Support Battalion supporting US Army Europe in 2015. As his battalion Executive Officer I was routinely impressed with his candor, his ability to grasp the bigger picture, and innate ability to bring a team together. He is a proven strategic thinker, capable of taking complex tasks and solving them with exceptional results. He is a professional and a team player, I would gladly work with him in any future endeavor.

Orlando is the epitome of warmth and professionalism, and the end product  - in my case, video marketing materials - was excellent.

Orlando consistently responded to my emails in a very timely fashion. He arrived early, and had an initial draft of the suggested marketing materials to me in less than 24 hours after filming. Requests for edits were met with a smile and completed promptly.

As a small business owner, creating video marketing materials seemed daunting. The proper lighting and camera equipment is expensive, I don't feel overly comfortable in front of a camera, and I don't have the background knowledge or training necessary to even know where to start with properly editing the footage. It also doesn't make financial sense to invest time in learning; my time should be spent on serving my clients. Orlando created multiple high quality video ads from one, 90-minute session & had the final product ready to go in a single business day.

I highly recommend Orlando to any business owner looking to create high quality video marketing materials!