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American Underdogs

We guarantee our work and get the job done quickly and efficiently.


By only taking right-fit partners and never overburdening our capacity, more importantly, we have an insatiable sense of loyalty to our partners.

We are in it together. 

Origin Story

“I transitioned out of the U.S. Army in 2016. Immediately after transitioning out of the Army, I held a few business-unit level manager positions in Corporate America.

Then I tasted the venture-backed startup world and fell in love with the dynamics and “make it happen” mentality. It was like being in the Army all over again. The small teams, building something, and the ongoing problems to solve gave me a new sense of purpose. Something that I’ve been missing since I got out of the Army.

And now my team and I help companies – from startups to scaleups – win the game of building sustainable growth.”

Orlando P. Gonzalez

Founder, Principal Consultant

22-year Army Veteran | Stanford Ignite | 35x HubSpot Certified | Revenue Architecture Certified | Lean Six Sigma, Blackbelt | Startup Mentor | 2x Business Owner

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2014 Military Ball



Step #1 Strategy Building

We define strategy and execution - based on your goals and objectives. What's working, what's not, what success looks like. From here, we build a process map, required data points, and a roadmap using LucidCharts. This is the most critical step.

Step #2 Implementation

We implement the processes, automations, data points, and other requirements from the process map into the software platform. We document everything. This is the easiet step.

Step #3 Adoption

Once implementation is complete, it's time to deploy change management and alignment. This is done through training, team alignment, rewards programs, etc. However, the execution will differ depending on the culture of the company.

Step #4 Iterate

Successful early-stage startup companies iterate often. This means your RevOps needs to have the flexibility to iterate while optimizing. Our philosophy for startup companies is a lean RevOps foundation that is also agile.


One of our primary goals is to achieve time-to-value as quickly as possible for our partners. TrailBlazer6 conducts sprints; most projects are completed within days, not months. We cap our number of clients.


Our philosophy focuses on building a lean RevOps foundation aligned with driving impact - no fluff. Too many untested initiatives results in mediocrity. Focus on your north star and then align your resources to claim it.

From combat Operations to RevOps

Workforce Development

Veterans are natural operations experts. 

TrailBlazer6’s workforce development initiative is working towards educating, training, and employing Veterans and military spouses in the RevOps space. We are currently raising funds and anticipate a launch in early 2024.

Invest in Growth

Fractional is the way to go