The Veteran Behind The Agency

Orlando G.

I transitioned out of the U.S. Army in 2016. Immediately after transitioning out of the Army, I held several business-unit level manager positions in Corporate America. 

But I’ve always wanted my own business.This led me to join an incubator and I developed my first business. Wow! During this time, I failed and learned so much. But I’ve alway been enamored with the startup world.

I’ve purposely kept my team small – allowing us to provide the best service in the industry while keeping our costs to a minimum.

Keep learning, keep trying, and enjoy the journey.


30x HubSpot Certified | 2x Business Owner | Microsoft Certified Professional | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt | M.S. Supply Chain

~Orlando, Founder, Principal Consultant

A "how can we help" mindset

Our Process

Fit is important. We don’t offer every imaginable solution to every type of client. 

Our approach is to find the right-fit client by listening and understanding their friction-points and then providing a viable solution. Rather than offering every “bells and features” of HubSpot, we focus on using a specific set of features to help you achieve your business goals. 

Typically, we conduct 2-3 calls to fully understand your business goals and needs. If both parties believe that we are a good fit, then we move to the next call. 

1) An Introduction Call (15-20 minutes) to get an idea of your friction-points and your business goals. 

2) The Discovery Call is an in-depth call (1-hour) with all the key stakeholders. During this call, we do a deep-dive of your processes, your friction-points, and your business goals.

3) The Presentation Call (1-hour) is a demonstration of TrailBlazer6’s solutions to alleviating your friction-points and achieving your business goals – with all key stakeholders.