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Data Cleanup

Partner had a mature database with inaccurate data. The project was to clean up all properties, fields, and objects. We implemented processes and automation to ensure data remained clean - as well as an SOP (standard operating procedure). Additionally, we focused on developing short training videos and one-on-one training to inculcate the importance of data hygiene.

Results: allowed partners to trust their data sets and make data-driven decisions. Data hygiene became part of the company culture, and certain data became critical for the organization - i.e., OKRs.

Sales Operations

Partner needed to establish a sales operations foundation. We helped our partner get visibility of stuck deals and actionable insights. By using the task function, we used HubSpot to automate critical tasks for the sales force. Essentially, we mirrored the sales processes to HubSpot while using automation to reduce human error and reduce redundant tasks.

Results: increased efficiency by 40% and gave the leadership team actionable insights. Additionally, lead handoff from marketing improved by 30%, and lead client handoff to customer success improved by 23%.

Making Growth Sticky

Partner had a high customer churn rate. The project was to help our partner improve and implement a solution for decreasing the churn rate. After conducting an analysis, we helped our partner create short video content during activation, distribute content, and build feedback surveys to learn, iterate - and used automation to build rigor. Additionally, we helped them dial-in their marketing efforts toward their ICP.

Results: reduced churn by 35% by focusing marketing efforts on the ICP and content distribution through the entire buyer's journey (content and marketing efforts all the way down to evangelist).

Automation Gone Wrong

Partner had over 150 workflow automations with minimal documentation. The workflow automations would continuously misfire or create unwanted actions. Audited, troubleshot, and documented automations. Additionally, we established processes for automation and data requests.

Results: Fixed automation issues and remedied the root cause of the problem (lack of internal processes for update requests).

Decreasing Time-to-Value

Decrease time-to-value with customers. Using Sales Hub, we created a pipeline for customer onboarding and used automation, forms, and data-sets to track time-to-value. Additionally, we used HubSpot forms to capture customer feedback to improve the onboarding experience.

Results: improved onboarding experience, actionable data, and improved time-to-value.

Revenue Attribution

Partner had issues tracking revenue attribution and marketing ROI. Implemented self-reporting on forms and other data points that were inputted by sales and customer success: questions asked throughout the customer's journey. Further analysis was conducted based on the data extracted from a custom report.

Results: With HubSpot's attribution data and self-reported attribution throughout the customer's journey, our partners were able to extract and analyze revenue attribution.

Predict Revenue

Partner wanted the ability to predict revenue based on revenue operations input. This required the alignment of marketing, sales, and customer success. Additionally, the client wanted the ability to forecast customer churn. TrailBlazer6 mapped out the partner's entire buyer's journey, processes, and required data points while implementing a RevOps engine focused on conversion rates and an alignment of effort between all departments.

Results: Partner had the ability to glean data insights on operational efforts. Additionally, they could predict revenue and churn based on weighted and health scores while automating about 35% of their redundant tasks.

Demand Generation Strategy

Partner wanted to create a marketing strategy to build demand and educate ICP on their new SaaS product. Additionally, the ability to study data and optimize the marketing effort was a top priority. TrailBlazer6 helped the SaaS startup develop a demand generation strategy that targeted the partner's specific ICP while using data and customer feedback to guide the marketing strategy. TrailBlazer6 built the foundational marketing assets: website and social channels.

Results: Partner has a solid and flexible demand generation strategy to implement. Additionally, the partner had relevant data for building demand and capturing demand based on customer intent.

Outbound Email Strategy

Partner was a new startup and wanted to build sales while building demand. The partner opted to do outbound emails to build immediate sales while building an inbound marketing strategy. The outbound cold email strategy, email list building, ICP development, messaging, and domain name health were outsourced to TrailBlazer6. Partner received a weekly dashboard highlighting the outbound efforts and the results of the email campaigns.

Results: The partner improved booked meetings by 35% while maintaining a 90% email deliverability rate. A defined ICP and messaging are key to building an efficient outbound cold email strategy.

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