Salesforce + HubSpot Implementation for Startups

Automation + Optimization

We help early-stage startups design, implement, and optimize their marketing operations and sales operations using our primary tech stacks – Salesforce and HubSpot.

Rather than having to hire, train, and manage full-time employees, we are the low-cost alternative. Our retainer pricing model + our implementation project pricing model gives you a small team of reliable and certified professionals.


HubSpot | Salesforce | + integration of other tech stacks

Why Us

Finding the right people that are dependable is imperative to your company’s success. You don’t want just anyone working on your Salesforce or HubSpot systems.

TrailBlazer6 is a small team (mostly Veterans) with extensive experiences in business acumen, sales, and marketing operations. Our core strengths include continuous process improvement and automation.

Orlando and Tad deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq together while serving in the 1st Armored Division. Their vision is to provide a true partnership for a select-few clients with the primary task of helping them win.

Marketing Operations


Marketing has a wide net of processes and strategies with only one result in mind: to increase your revenue. As a profit-center, you want to brand your business while using prospecting tools that gathers relevant data that you can use to make informed decisions. Additionally, when digital marketing is automated, you reduce your costs while also reducing churn. The key to digital marketing is a fluid user design, consistent and relevant content, automation, and enough analytics to pivot.

Automate, measure, and optimize your entire top-of-sales funnel. We can help you automate your entire marketing operations while creating a humanistic approach and avoiding a templated spammy communication with your leads. At TrailBlazer6, we are advocates of the inbound marketing methodology, and skilled in using B2B outbound marketing strategies. From sequencing, to developing an automated workflow to synchronize sales, marketing, and operations – we can help.

Sales Enablement + Operations

Salesforce CRM

Your sales team spends very little time actually selling. At TrailBlazer6, we will help you refine and lean-out your sales process; allowing your sales team to focus on selling. After the processes are leaned-out, we will automate manual processes, train your staff on the systems – and most importantly, continue to analyze and optimize your systems and processes.

Sales enablement will not only streamline processes for your sales team, but also allow your sales team to focus on high probability wins. Using technology as the foundation of your sales operations, using analytical reports to make informed decisions, and having a continuous improvement mindset will ensure a higher velocity of sales.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt