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RevOps + GTM

TrailBlazer6 is a Veteran owned & operated company – a HubSpot and Salesforce service provider – assisting technology startup companies in Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Go-To-Market (GTM).

Consider us your internal pit crew that applies business strategy and analytics to build and improve processes that drive revenue, profitability, and growth.

Continuous optimization of your revenue engine and management of your CRM so you can focus on strategy. 

Why hire, train, and manage a full-time employee when you can hire us to do the job at a fraction of the cost?

Clients Become Partners

Let's Build Together

You are not just a number; we don’t aim for thousands of clients. We partner with a select few – the ones that we can actually help.

TrailBlazer6 offers both project and retainer services. Come in for a monthly, quarterly, or annual tune-up.

A Roadmap to Revenue Growth

3 Step Growth Process

Step One


Break through the noise, and create a marketing strategy that remains lean and effective. Before you can build a RevOps engine, you need fuel to power that revenue engine.

TrailBlazer6 uses experimental frameworks -i.e., the GROWS process and other frameworks to discover growth strategies and tactics that are lean, impactful, and data-driven. 

Execute data-driven inbound and outbound strategies that get results – but without needlessly burning resources.

Step Two

RevOps Engine

Synchronize your revenue operations by aligning your customer-facing departments, data insights, processes, systems, and people. If it’s repeatable – it’s scaleable.

It starts with refined processes and clean data. Then it’s amplified with adoption, automation, and iteration. Successful early-stage startups iterate often and have visibility on the revenue levers at their disposal.

Use your clean data to make data-driven decisions and never have a leaky revenue pipeline again. 

Step Three

RevOps Momentum

Now that you’ve built initial sales and solidified alignment and processes – focus your efforts on exponential growth through cross-sells, upsells, and referrals. Build exponential growth. 

Continue to learn from customer feedback – by using surveys, NPS, etc. – and use those insights to improve your products or services. Bake a viral loop into your RevOps engine – and it becomes a self-tuning, revenue-producing machine.

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