Fractional RevOps & HubSpot Support

Early-Stage Startups

We are a Veteran Owned & Operated Revenue Operations (RevOps) Agency, and a HubSpot Solutions Partner.


Our team specializes in HubSpot and RevOps implementations with a focus on early stage B2B startup companies. Plus, we do explainer videos.


Bottom-line: we help you build out your marketing operations, sales operations, and customer success operations.


Why hire a full-time employee that you still need to train and manage when you can hire us to implement your RevOps systems and train your staff, at a fraction of the cost?  


Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the end-to-end business process of driving predictable revenue, across marketing, sales, renewals, and expansion through transparency and execution rigor. 

Revenue Operations for Startups

RevOps Implementation

What is RevOps?
Data | Processes | Reports | Tech Stack | Enablement | Planning
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Health | Infrastructure | Administration | Stewardship
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Customer Journey | Sales Process | Segmentation | Renewals | Expansion
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KPI | Business Development | Pipeline Management | Forecasting | Retention | Expansion | Sales Performance
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Tech Stack
Evaluation | Acquisition | Administration | Integration | Utilisation
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Personal Development | Training | Coaching | Onboarding
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Goal Setting | Targeting Accounts | Revenue Opportunities
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Document | Experiment | Iterate
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Consider It Done

Trust. the most important Ingredient.

We are certified professionals with relevant RevOps and HubSpot experience in the startup sector.


Orlando is the principal consultant and personally ensures that all projects are completed to standard.


We get the job done without the fluff!

TrailBlazer6, LLC HubSpot Solutions Partner
Orlando w/ spouse, 2015 Military Ball

Fractional RevOps + HubSpot Support For Startups

What We Do

Data Analytics + Insights

We build actionable data insights. Our team builds the required data points, and helps you answer three critical questions: what, so what, and what now?

HubSpot Implementation

We have you covered when it comes to your Marketing and Sales Hub. Our team builds out your automations, workflows, and sequences.

Training + Documentation

One of our primary goals is to train and equip your staff. Without user adoption, systems are useless.

RevOps Fractional Support

Keep your revenue engine predictable and humming along. We will help you keep it tuned-up.

Revenue Operations at TrailBlazer6, LLC


Our Ideal Customers

RevOps is the source of truth for your revenue. We take data from you marketing, sales, and customer success operations – analyze it and provide continuous insights to improve your revenue operations. But before all this, we help you develop your processes.


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