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Orlando P. Gonzalez

Welcome! My name is Orlando P. Gonzalez and I’m a HubSpot, Revenue Operations, and Lead Generation implementation consultant. I can consult and execute.

I take pride in my craft, and I don’t outsource any of the work – I do it myself.

The Disadvantage: I have limited bandwidth.

The Advantage: I know the work will be done right.

Orlando P. Gonzalez

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As of 24 May 2024, I have availability to take on one more fractional client.

Depends on my availability. On occasion, I will take on projects; however, my fractional clients come first.

Most of my clients are supported with 50 hours per month. Based on my experience, these hours are enough to support marketing campaigns, revenue operations, and lead generation initiatives. 

Typically my clients are in the tech industry with an ARR of $5-10 million, and at product-market-fit (or very close).

  • Discovery
  • Process Mapping
  • Implementation (the easiest part)
  • Training
  • Adoption (the hardest part)
  • Iteration/Improvements

For campaigns, outreach, or anything revenue operations, I like to use the GROWS process (used in growth marketing):

  1. Gather Ideas
  2. Rank Ideas
  3. Outline Experiments
  4. Work – execute
  5. Study data

Everything starts and ends with “study data.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can trust Orlando and his team. They are very reliable and they will get the job done.
Reliable and adaptable. Orlando even gave a class on leadership and team development.
Orlando and his team have my trust. They continue to exceed my expectations.