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TrailBlazer6 is a Veteran owned & operated – growth marketing firm and a HubSpot Service Provider focused on helping startups and small businesses build profitable growth.

We democratize entrepreneurship by providing low-cost growth solutions to help bootstrapped entrepreneurs grow better – starting at $45 per month.

HubSpot and Revenue Architecture Certified

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If you are willing to roll-up your sleeves and put in the work, we can help you grow profitably.

Sustainable Growth is Key

3 Step Process

Step #1 Growth

We help you grow revenue through growth marketing methodologies using an experimental mindset.

Step #2 Revenue Efficiency

We help you build automation and revenue processes so your team can capture and optimize revenue.

Step #3 Revenue Expansion

We help you expand revenue to your current customer base through cross-sell, up-sell, and referrals.

Step #1 Build Demand

Experimental Mindset

Nobody can tell you how your company can achieve growth. The business environment, competition, and several other variables differ. While most marketers can give you insights based on similar industry experience, they do not truly know the path to growth.

We use an experimental mindset and the GROWS process to discover growth strategies and tactics that will work for your company. With a combination of conducting experiments, optimizations, and balancing between branding and marketing, we are confident that we can help you grow revenue.

Step #2 Revenue Operations & Efficiency

Revenue Efficiency

Synchronize your revenue operations by aligning your customer-facing departments, data, processes, systems, and people. The goal is to create customers that become raving fans.

Use your clean data to make data-driven decisions, and never have a leaky revenue pipeline. 

Step #3 Onboarding, Activation, Exponential Growth

Build Exponential Growth

Now that you’ve built initial sales and created raving fans, focus your efforts on exponential growth through cross-sells, up-sells, and referrals. 

We can help you grow raving fans with re-marketing strategies, and build a growth loop. 

Orlando Gonzalez

Founder, Consultant
22-year Army Veteran | Stanford Ignite | 35x HubSpot Certified | Revenue Architecture Certified | Lean Six Sigma, Blackbelt | Startup Mentor | 2x Business Owner

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