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Why hire a full-time employee that you have to train and manage when you can hire a group of professionals that will get the job done at a fraction of the price?


For those just implementing their HubSpot platform, we are able to waive the HubSpot onboarding fee ($3,000-$6,000). HubSpot’s onboarding are a few video calls with a Hubspot account manager. You still own the technical implementation.  At TrailBlazer6 – we own the entire process.


Our RevOps + Growth fractional support will get you to the next level without compromising your bank account. 


We have a small team of trained, certified, and background checked professionals that are ready to get the job done. As a team of results-oriented professionals, we guarantee our work. 


The TrailBlazer6 Team can help you achieve your growth-driven goals. From sales acceleration, lead generation, platform administration, data health, data insights, strategic planning, software re-configuration, to achieving your revenue goals – we have you covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Depending on our current bandwidth, we offer one-time projects. Many of our clients start off with a small project and then move into a monthly retainer.

The RevOps retainer is an annual commitment paid on a monthly basis. 

For one-time projects, we require 50% of the project fee before starting the project, and 50% at the completion of the project. All one-time projects get an additional 2-weeks of post support after the completion of the project. 

All RevOps + Growth services include unlimited consultations, sales operations workflow and mapping, marketing workflow and mapping, weekly reports, weekly sync meetings, custom dashboards, automation, a dedicated RevOps consultant, and implementation.


Other factors that will change the price are the add-ons. For instance, CRM administration, playbooks, custom sequencing, ideal customer profile and buyer persona development, lead generation, social media management, ticketing systems, and etc.

Our strength is the ability to align marketing, sales, and customer success while providing deep data insights. But our superpower is B2B Sales Operations that includes using the methodologies of inbound, outbound, and account based marketing. Each methodology has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the B2B model requires strengths from all three methodologies. 

We do not build website (CMS), and we limit our content development work – i.e., we do not write e-books or blogs. However, we do create email copy.

HubSpot onboarding is a few guided calls with a HubSpot specialist. TrailBlazer6 full-service implementation includes consultation and the actual “hands on” technical work to get the job done.

Typically, we can complete a full-service implementation set up within 8 weeks. 

Sure! We typically do 2-3 initial calls for fit, and to get a good understanding of your business processes and goals. Each party must be in agreement to move forward to the next step. Then, we send a proposal and the statement-of-work. After both parties are in agreement, we conduct a kickoff call and give you access to our project management board so you can track the entire project.