This Video Hub is dedicated to all the startup entrepreneurs. It covers the basics of HubSpot and entrepreneurship methodologies (i.e., Lean Startup and RevOps). 

Introduction to RevOps

The importance of RevOps. A 14-minute video introducing RevOps. It’s about alignment, processes, and technology.

RevOps aligns sales, marketing, and customer success to achieve predictable revenue for organizations. The underlying skills required to pull off RevOps is an analytical mindset, the ability to influence, and a sense of curiosity. 

RevOps is a continuous process that needs to be optimized – it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it methodology. It’s an iterative process that requires a mixture of leadership influence, business acumen, and tech skills. 

Lean Startup Methodology

The premise for the Lean Startup methodology is that companies should iterate their products and services in the market.


Rather than focusing on building a product/service that nobody will want, entrepreneurs should build prototypes and see if the market wants/needs the products or services. 


Once demand has been proven, then you can pour money into the endeavor to accelerate growth. 

Competition is for Losers

Peter Thiel covers the importance of creating a new product or service that has no competitors. Why compete with other companies when you can develop a product or service that has no competitors? 

HubSpot Quick "How To" Videos

These are a few basic HubSpot “How to ” videos that will get you started. HubSpot is a fantastic tool; however, I recommend that you work with a RevOps professional to help you take advantage of Inbound and Outbound Marketing – in order to align marketing, sales, and customer success. For instance, lead generation, demand generation, content strategies, video strategies, Ad campaigns, and the list goes on. While HubSpot, Salesforce, and the myriad of other integrations are fantastics tools, they still need to be deployed properly in order to achieve the highest impact.