Creating Value. Retainer Pricing Model

At TrailBlazer6, we believe in price transparency. Since the nature of our work is iterative in nature, we use a retainer pricing model and a one-time project fee pricing model. Using a retainer contract allows our team to continuously analyze the data, implement continuous process improvements, provide training, and other services.

What we can help you do: implementation + administration of HubSpot and Salesforce platforms, optimize your sales cycle, email campaigns, lead generation list, and workflow process automation.

Everything you need, from an operational standpoint, in order to go-to-market, commercialize, and increase your sales velocity.

Implementation Package
  • One-time Project Fee
  • Salesforce + HubSpot Implementation
  • Automation
  • Sales Cadence
  • Workflow Development
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Tech Stack Integrations
  • + other optimizations
  • Estimated 40-hours to complete @ $125 per hour
Maintenance Package
  • Monthly Retainer Fee
  • 10-hours per month
  • Administration of HubSpot + Salesforce
  • Update User Information
  • Optimize Sales Cadence
  • Workflows
  • Create New Reports
  • Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Plug Sales Pipeline Leaks
  • Integrate New Tech Stacks
  • Training
  • + other optimizations

The average 2021 annual salary for a Salesforce Administrator is $84,213 per year.



We get the job done

Our team is reliable, and results-oriented.

No Overseas Outsourcing

Our entire staff is located in the United States. All TrailBlazer6 members are background checked annually. We will be a productive member of your sales and marketing operations.

We guarantee our work

You will get quality work – guaranteed. We will communicate with your team during the project, and follow up after the project to ensure that we provided the absolute best service. If we need to tweak a few items or if you have questions after the completion of the project, reach out to us – we’ve got you covered.


What are the next steps?

The next step is to schedule a Zoom call. This initial meeting will allows us to get a better understanding of your company goals. Afterwards, if you decide that you want to move forward, we will do a presentation – a proposal for alleviating the company friction-points.

What’s your process?

  1. We do an initial call.
  2. We sign your NDA. Afterwards, we ask for access to your Salesforce and/or HubSpot ecosystem. This allows us to look “under the hood” and get a better idea of the deliverables.
  3. We define a list of the deliverables, and ask you to sign off on them.
  4. We ask for a 50% deposit before we start working on the project.
  5. We collaborate with your team, and document all actions, automations, workflows, and etc – usually via flow charts.
  6. Once the documentation is developed, we build it.
  7. Afterwards, we conduct training and a walk thru of all deliverables.

How long will a typical implementation project take?

There are many variables that we would need to take into consideration: integrations, amount of workflows and sequences, and other deliverables. On average, a typical implementation can take 3-4 weeks for clean implementations with timely feedback from the sales and marketing team. This includes documentation, training, and optimization testing.

How many clients do you have at a time?

Our client numbers are very limited. We want to ensure that we can service our accounts and provide the absolute best service to our clients.

What is the earliest date that you can start an implementation?

On average, we need a 2-week lead time for all implementation projects.

Do you take on clients that are competing in the same space?

While we are implementing a one-time project, we do not take on clients that are competing in the same space. Additionally, if you decide to become an ongoing client – using our maintainer package – we will not take on clients that could potentially be a competitor. It’s just good business.

Can you provide references?

Potentially. We sign NDAs with all of our clients and privacy is of the utmost importance for many startups. However, we can request a reference with one of our clients and many are gracious enough to give them.