Marketing Foundation

A goal without a plan is just a wish

We will focus on driving growth

While You Focus on Delivering Value to your Customers

Tell Your Story

A professional website does more than look great! It’s easy to navigate, has easily digestible content, and converts prospective clients into buyers; more importantly, it gives you insights into customer behaviors.

Your website anchors your digital presence and allows you to weave your brand story. Why should someone do business with your company? What’s your origin story? What makes you different.

But we do more than just build a professional website, we weave other elements – giving you a professional brand.

Why you need it

The Marketing Foundation was built to democratize entrepreneurship. We partner with select-few scrappy startup founders that are building their companies. Typically, these startup founders are service-based companies, boot-strapped, and lack the time to build their marketing foundations. These business owners are busy delivering value to their customers, and need help driving more growth.

Our success is rooted in your success. The only way the Marketing Foundation program is profitable for TrailBlazer6 is if you grow revenue – and stay with us for the long-term. It won’t happen overnight, but we are confident that we can help your business grow.

Building a Roadmap at a glance

What's Involved

We dial-in your positioning, messaging, and brand. This is incorporated into all of your digital assets.

We incorporate a customer-relationship-management software.

We synchronize Google My Business, Yelp, and your social media accounts.

We search-engine-optimize your WordPress website while integrating Google Analytics.

Typically, it takes 30 days to complete a Marketing Foundation project. 

Requirements: you must know your ideal customer profile, have repeatable customer experience processes, and a viable business model. If this is incomplete, we recommend enrolling in the Growth Academy Coach program first. We’ve charged past clients in the $10,000 range for similar projects. Our bandwidth is limited, and the Marketing Foundation project must be approved by the TrailBlazer6 team.

WordPress Development
Search Engine Optimization

Your Roadmap to Growth

What you get

WordPress Hosting
Domain Name
Search Engine Submission
Google My Business, Yelp setup
Google Analytics 
HubSpot CRM, Marketing 
One Email Address

Note: Domain name, hosting, HubSpot software, and WordPress site will be owned by TrailBlazer6. Additionally, consultations will be conducted; however, TrailBlazer6 will be the final approval on the creative design. This saves both parties on time – rework and back-and-forth.

Items can be added to this package as you see fit – i.e., more email addresses, social media management, etc. – at an additional cost. 

Setup Fee: $300

Monthly Fee: $95 Per Month. Annual Commitment. Paid Monthly.

We recommend enrollment in the Growth Academy for actionable training and growth insights.

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