Case Study: HubSpot Training for Life Science Startup

Training your staff is never easy. The day-to-day operations and other tasks become a priority; however, the only way to scale is to have trained staff. This case study highlights how TrailBlazer6 trained a company's staff in HubSpot's marketing and sales software.

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This biotech startup was starting to expand and develop its marketing and sales operations. They wanted their staff trained in Marketing and Sales Hub.


Now that life science conferences are in full swing, the company personnel were extremely busy. They needed an efficient way to get the staff trained and start using HubSpot immediately. 


TrailBlazer6 conducted an audit on employee skill sets, and then an analysis of their sales and marketing processes.

Once the HubSpot marketing and sales instance were set up, the TrailBlazer6 developed short explainer videos (no more than a 1-minute long) using Loom videos and using Google Sites (free if you have Google Suite) to create an intranet training site. The training site included basic videos – i.e. setting up email signature blocks to creating contacts – and more advanced features like lead scoring.

The life sciences team would watch the videos at their leisure and during their conference travels. Next, group training and one-on-one training sessions were conducted. 

The TrailBlazer6 team made themselves available for any one-off questions through email, Slack, text, or phone calls. 


The result was a fully trained staff capable of self-sustainment. 

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