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Start with Basics

The Growth Academy Coach is a series of training videos to help you grow your company. The subscription includes training videos on the latest growth tactics and strategies.

These training videos are based on the latest digital marketing tactics and include other strategic elements like branding, positioning, and revenue mapping. Best of all, you get unlimited Q&A support, and a 30 minute one-on-one consultation every four months.

The Trends

How do I position my product or services? How can I grow my company profitably? What are the best methods for building organic growth on social media? How do I get customers to come back for additional services and products.

Keep in mind, you must achieve service-market-fit before you start marketing and scaling. This means you need to validate your business model, and you customer segment first.

Democratizing Entrepreneurship

Knowledge is Useless without Action

Growth can only happen after you procure the knowledge. But growth cannot happen if you don’t “action” that knowledge. We don’t overburden you with excessive amounts of training. We ensure that you have the time to reflect on the training and you have time to “action” what you have learned.

Lack of information on growth tactics and strategies is usually not the problem. The problem is the lack of structured information and the inability to experiment with different growth tactics and strategies. 

The TrailBlazer6 Growth Academy is built for scrappy entrepreneurs that want to grow their companies. They are familiar with hard work, experimenting, and iterating. They “zoom out” to see their entrepreneurial progress and “zoom in” to test and refine their tactics. Get the growth formula right, and then throw money into it to accelerate growth.


Build your north star. A few topics covered include: 


A vehicle to your destination. A few topics include:

What to Expect

This program is structured, activities-based, and experiential. If you put in the work, you will grow your company. You will conduct an analysis of your competition, develop a profitable business model, and test assumptions using customer feedback and relevant data sets. Plus, I will be with you throughout the journey. You will gain insights into the latest growth tactics and strategies and decide which strategies/tactics to deploy. Then, test, refine, or pivot. It's not just about building growth - it's about building profitable growth. Keep building, stay curious, and stay scrappy.

We help you grow better

What you get

One-on-One Consultation

...a 30 minute growth consultation every four months to keep you on track.

Hands-on Training

...on the latest growth tactics and strategies. Learn, do, iterate, pivot, and grow.

Unlimited Q&A

...have a question specific to your business? Unlimited Q&A via text and email.

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