Case Study: Fintech Startup Improves Time-to-Value

Effective onboarding of clients is imperative in making a lasting impression. In this case study, we tweaked out-of-the-box functions of HubSpot to help a fintech startup achieve time-to-value metrics.

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A fintech company needed help optimizing its current HubSpot instance. The company currently has HubSpot Marketing and Sales Professional. They wanted to increase the time-to-value metrics for onboarding their clients. In the eyes of customer success, the faster the clients were onboarded, the happier the clients. As a side note, we used the business development strategy (outlined here) to acquire this client.

The Challenge

After analyzing the fintech company’s HubSpot instance, the TrailBlazer6 team realized that many tasks were redundant. Additionally, the fintech company used other tech stacks with the same available tools within HubSpot. For instance, Typeform was being used, and then the data imported from Typeform was manually inputted into the HubSpot CRM. At the same time, HubSpot forms would import the data into the HubSpot CRM automatically. 

Additionally, automation was dismal, and many redundant processes could be automated within HubSpot.

Clients were unhappy with the time it took for the fintech company to onboard them.

The Solution

The TrailBlazer6 team, client success’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), and developed a plan to systematize the processes into the HubSpot marketing and sales platform.

The first step was to audit the processes and the current tech stack. What processes were redundant, and what processes could be automated? The TrailBlazer6 team was working from the buyer’s point of view. 

After conducting the audit and the process gap analysis, the TrailBlazer6 team moved into the implementation stage. A few items built were time-to-value metrics, dashboards with OKRs, automation to make rigor into the processes, customer health scores, documentation of the entire journey, training videos, and finally, training the staff on how to use their HubSpot instance. It’s important to note: rather than spending money on the HubSpot services software; the TrailBlazer6 team created the onboarding pipeline within the Sales Hub software – saving the fintech company monetary funds.

The Results

Time-to-value increased exponentially. Additionally, the key metrics were automated, so the leadership team would receive a notification if they reached a certain threshold. This gave the leadership team the data insights to make informed decisions about the business.

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