Email Marketing Tips for Early-Stage Startup Companies

During the early stages of launching your startup company, you must be strategic with your email marketing – especially when trying to stand out in the over-populated inbox of the modern day. The initial communication with clients can be make-or-break, so utilizing these tips created by revenue operations specialists will help you start strong to make a good first impression and convert your leads.


Outbound Email Marketing That Works

Outbound email marketing is a strategy often used in B2B types of businesses in which a business utilizes email marketing techniques to a cold email list in hopes of securing contacts. Unlike inbound marketing in which a subscriber list is already established where clients are interested in your content, outbound email marketing must be strategic to avoid spam marker regulations. Here are some tips for outbound email marketing that works:


1. Pick an appropriate domain.
2. Configure your SPF and DKIM records to get past SPAM filters.
3. Build email credibility before outbound email marketing,
4. In your first email, do not sell! Instead, offer value or propose a question.
5. In a follow-up email, introduce a sense of urgency to sign up.


Initiating contacts through outbound email marketing is only the first step, but by starting off strong and personalizing your message copy, you can achieve incredible results.


Good Email Copy

The average attention span is dwindling, so it is essential to create concise and entertaining email copy that will intrigue your readers to continue reading. Although you’ve probably experienced both great and poor email copy in your time, you might be wondering: what makes email copy good?


The first aspect to focus on is establishing a consistent voice and message within the brand. This brainstorming can take place before the writing process begins.


Breaking up the pieces of your email will make the flow easier for readers to engage with. Here’s what you need to include:


– A snappy subject line that greets your reader and sets the tone for your email.
– A preview text that makes your client want to read more.
– A body of copy that is simple and streamlined, providing value and supporting details for the reader.
– A call to action for the reader.

If your email copy checks all of these boxes, you’re off to a good start.


Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is an essential tool that can make your email marketing strategy organized while allowing you to track your conversion rates more effectively. There are many desirable features in email marketing tools, including:


– An email formatter that allows you to create well-formatted emails.
– The ability to send personalized bulk emails through marketing automation.
– An organized contact list that can be segmented into groups.
– Software that ensures your email will not end up in a spam folder.
– Analytics and reports to simplify tracking progress.


Finding the right email marketing software for you can be tricky, but by evaluating your team’s budget and needs, you can find a tool that is perfect for your email marketing campaign.


Warming Up Your Inbox

When you create a new email domain, it is more likely to be marked as spam because it has yet to establish a reputation. For this reason, you must warm up your email before beginning your email marketing process so your strategically crafted cold email is effectively delivered to your client’s inbox, not the spam folder.


The way to do this is by sending a small number of emails from your account and gradually increasing the number of emails you are sending out. Ideally, the emails you send will be opened, read, and replied to, and also removed from the spam folder if necessary. These actions will inform email software that this is a trustworthy email account that doesn’t need to be flagged for spam.


Using Databases To Establish Email Contacts

Building an email contact list from the ground up can be challenging, especially in the early stages of Startups. Although there are methods to gather clients on your own, you can also use already established databases, such as or Zoominfo, to gather contacts.


A large benefit of utilizing these databases is that it offers connections to quality leads that are likely to be interested in your email.


A downside to these databases is that the contact lists aren’t always up to date, which can be deterring for email receivers. Regardless, these tools can be an excellent strategy to establish email contacts if you use them effectively.


Things to Avoid

When establishing an email marketing strategy, it can be just as important to establish what to avoid so that your campaign can be as successful as possible.


– Having an unclear call-to-action (or not including one at all) is essentially a waste of your email marketing campaign. Establish your CTA clearly, and early on!

– Selling too aggressively can also be deterring. Your emails should provide value and then strategically sprinkle a sales pitch.

– Being unaware of your target audience is detrimental to any sales campaign. Your email copy should be directly tailored to your ideal client profile, so this factor must be heavily researched and established for the best results.

– Sending emails without permission, without a physical business address listed, using spam trigger words, and excluding an “opt-out” feature are all triggers for your email to end up in the spam folder.

– Sending emails to bad email addresses or that result in spam complaints can lead to your IP address being blacklisted from email servers.


By avoiding these common mistakes, your startup will have a high chance of success during your email marketing.


Benefits of using Outbound Email Marketing for startups

As a startup, establishing a reputation and growing your client list is essential to growing your business. Outbound email marketing has multiple benefits for startups, including:


– The ability to send custom messages to many strategically researched clienteles that are likely to respond well to your message.
– The opportunity to drive traffic to your website.
– An effective method to track lead conversions.
– A strategy to gather excellent leads for your business.


Email Marketing Tactics & Strategies for Startups

Here’s the bottom line of how you can use these RevOps strategies to take your startup’s outbound email marketing campaign to the next level:


– Have a clear brand message.
– Establish an appropriate call-to-action.
– Write a catchy subject line that makes people want to read more.
– Create a personalized message to send to your clients.
– Encourage your readers to reply to your email by proposing questions.
– Send a test email before distributing it to your whole email list.
– Format your emails to be visually pleasing on a desktop and mobile.
– Use concise verbiage and keep paragraphs small.


Email marketing can be difficult in a cluttered digital marketplace, but when conducted strategically, it can be the perfect opportunity for startups to create quality contacts and increase their revenue.


For more information and tips to optimize your sales, marketing, and service, RevOps experts like Trailblazer6 can help you grow your business to a new level.